Saturday, February 20, 2010

NEWS at our HOUSE!!

Slim's visa paperwork is in and immunizations are done.

Spanky was accepted to BYU--Provo!!

And Smiley has almost lost his first tooth, which means he'll be answering the phone when you call.

Everyone always growing up, moving forward........faster than I like and without any control.

All too soon they will move on, creating homes of their own, struggling to do what those before them have done----struggling to raise a righteous posterity, children of thought and wisdom.  Hoping to shape and mold strong, independent souls into men and women of strength and character, able to withstand the moral decay around them and encourage others to rise to the occasion with them.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Eternity's lenses....

Have you ever had one of those experiences where time seems to stand still??

Today I found myself there, admiring my six-year old as he busily relayed the happenings of his day.........his awesome field trip, "Gosh, he looks a lot like Slim. Has it really been 13 years since Slim was six?"....what books he checked out of the library, "Are all six-year olds so cute with both of their front teeth missing? Do they all lisp?".....where he was when the earthquake hit and how safe the room was, "What will the next 13 years hold? Will they go by so quickly? Did I take time to really appreciate my little people when they were small?" excited he is to share his new books with his sister, "I love being his mother!"

I am a much different mother now than I was then. Part of that is because I sleep now and I have some time to myself (not much, but some).

I love watching little people. I love to watch their brains work and catch the gleam in their eyes as the light bulbs turn on. They renew my life daily. I want to be better for them----to know more, care more, to love more.

I appreciate the little moments so much more now than I did when Slim, Spanky, and Scuff were little. The laughter of wrestling on the floor---a tickle fight, stomping feet because someone waited too long to go to the bathroom, a sleeping preschooler who sat down to watch television and lost the fight with an unscheduled nap, eating the same food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (cheese burritos) in one day----these things are almost over at my house.

I registered Smiley for kindergarten yesterday. Now, not only do I not have any babies, or toddlers, but I'm almost out of preschoolers. Where did the time go and how did I get so old?

Fleeting moments when time stands still....reminding us we are strangers here. Eternity is home.

Here is a little Smiley-ism:
Me: Gosh, I miss my friends and all my babies are growing up.
Smiley: Don't worry, Mom. Tomorrow me and Shorty will be your friends.
Me: Ok, but what are you going to do about my babies growing up?
Smiley: We'll just find some people who have babies and get you some more.
Thought you would enjoy that!
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