Sunday, March 21, 2010

OK Linz......This TAG's for you!!

Four Shows I watch
1. Psyche
2. Dr. Who
3. Monk
4. General Conference

Four Things I'm Passionate About
1. Drewster
2.The Family
3. Teaching my children
4. The gospel

Four Phrases I say a lot
1. Dude!
2. Sweet!
3. Ahhhhh, man!
4. Stop it, SLIM!

Four Things I've Learned from the past
1. The truth, spoken in love, still may not be the right thing to say.
2. Love life and live it every minute!
3. Though it may not be what you want, the Lord always gives you what you need.
4. Never take yourself too seriously.

Four places I want to go
1. Oceanside ( a little studio on the beach.)
2. Palmyra, New York
3. Jerusalem
4. To see family

Four things I did yesterday
1. Listened and cheered as Northern Iowa beat Kansas, even though it would bust my bracket.
2.  Watched BYU lose to Kansas St.
3. Watched Scuff's and Sport's teams win in Hoopsters.
4. Read and actually had insights into some of Isaiah's writings.

Four things I'm looking forward to
1.  Basketball season being over
2. Slim's endowments (next week)
3.  Long-term--- GRANDCHILDREN
4.  Watching my posterity grow

Four things I love about winter
1. The end--when flowers and trees bloom.
2. A clean blanket of snow before the world wakes up.
3. Snowball fights and hot chocolate.
4. The one day in Dec. that is always the hottest of the year--like 75 :-)

Four things on my wish list
1. All my kids to have temple marriages and intact families without divorce.
2. College educations for all of them
3. Repeat our honeymoon and follow Drew's plan this time
4. Piano Lessons

Four people to TAG
1. Brandy
2.  Bonnie
3. Shannon
4. Lara
5. Danielle

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Are you really eleven?? Has it really been that many years since you arrived at our house?

You are an incredible young man, Speedy. You have so much energy and a great love for life. You provide the ZEST in our family, Speedy Zest!!

I remember just before you were born. One night, as I was saying my prayers, kind of in that half awake half asleep place, a small voice said, 'Mom...., Mom........., Mom....., MMMMOOOOMMM!!!' I was so startled I yelled 'What?!' and woke myself up. I thought one of your brothers was calling me, so I crept down the hallway only to find all of them sound asleep. I knew then that the next person who came to our home would provide a unique intensity.......and that is still who you are.

Here are some of the things I love about you:

You have a GIANT heart, bigger than you know.

Your smile can melt away anger, hurt, and sorrow.

That look you get in your eye, and the smile that comes across your face when your plot for getting your way has been uncovered.

How easily you forgive and forget offenses.

Your willingness and effort to work within the budget, duct tape and all.

The voracious appetite you have for reading.

Your celebration dance when you achieve success.

 Your willingness to continue trying when quitting is so much easier.

Here are a few of the things I am looking forward to:

Watching you receive the Priesthood, next year.

Having some one on one time with you during seventh and eighth grade.

Getting ready for high school.

Watching Dad teach you to drive (because after two of your brothers, I'm not so sure I want to do it anymore).

Seeing you at your first stake dance.

Seeing you at your last stake dance (things change a lot in four years).

Watching you graduate from seminary, high school, and college.

Seeing where you will go to serve your mission.

And of course, meeting your fiance, attending your wedding, and holding your babies (but we won't talk about that right now, because girls are still mostly yucky!).

Thanks for being our son!! We wouldn't be the same family without you, Speedy!!
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