Monday, December 20, 2010


I haven't felt much like blogging lately.......but today is different.  It is different because of THIS:
I have new cook tops and they work!  Over a week ago, we had the tile cut because it was just a hint too small.  The tile was cut and the appliance guys were supposed to hook up the new cook tops the next day.  Well, they could not do it because the old ones were old enough that the wiring was not compatible.  "You're going to need an electrician," they said.  Fine.  Well, he couldn't come until Friday and then couldn't fix it until today.....Monday.  The kitchen drawers were all over the living room, because the old cook tops had to be disconnected by the electrician, so they sat under the stove top propped up on buckets because the wires were attached.  We were an entire week without a cook top and drawers all over the livingroom.  Luckily, I know how to work the oven and several crockpots at one time.

Here is an up close view:
You can kind of see on the left where the tile guy is going to have to fix that....he'll be coming later this week.  But they work!!!!  I have a stove top again!!!  And it doesn't look like this:
And now, THAT is where it belongs:
Garbage man comes on Thursday--just in time to make room for Christmas!  Yea for small favors!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Prophets and Apostles....

THIS is why I love these men!!  What an amazing testimony and understanding of his assignment!!  I love the humility and the love that just emanates from them.  WOW!  There's an interview with Elder Holland on  I'm off to listen to that one now!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Do you see what I see??

I have a photo blog, What Karen Sees, that feeds directly to my email.  The author is Drew's aunt.  I love her and think she is an AMAZING photographer, along with plenty of other talents!!  Anyway, this morning's post was just over the top!  I LOVE Christmas lights, much like Karen.  Click on the earlier link to see her post, or click HERE to see where it leads.....This is the most incredible and beautiful display of Christmas lights I have ever seen and I cannot even imagine having the opportunity to have seen it in person!!  On Holdman's website you can also see his 2008 Christmas lights display :-)  Enjoy it!!  Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scripture Power!!

Spencer:  Mom, I want to have scripture study with you.

Mom:  Really?!  Sure!!!  Go and get your scriptures!

Can't pass up that request!  So Spencer and Joshua and I sat and read aloud five verses and talked about the Savior and what those verses meant.  Precious, precious memories.

Joshua also said this the other day:  Mom, it was really hard for me to wait up in heaven.  I didn't want to be the last one born.

Scripture power, keeps me safe from sin.
Scripture power is the power to win.
Scripture power, every day I need
The power that I get each time I read!!

Precious, precious!