Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog Worthy Comment

Today Smiley went running across a wet driveway and into our friend's garage where he slipped and fell onto his left hip.

Later in the day, Smiley says, "Mom, it feels like my rear is broken!"

Yes, I am still laughing. :-)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Springer's Blessing Dress

 So here is the blessing dress I made for the Springer's little girl.  B. was one of my young women.  She married in the temple to a fabulous returned missionary!!  And now they have a beautiful little girl.

When we had Sun, I wanted to make her a blessing dress, but with all of her older brothers, trying to do so just wasn't even a possibility.  Needless to say, Heavenly Father knew of my wishes and my heart's desire.  He prompted my favorite aunt to make one for me.  I cried and cried because it was exactly the way I would have wanted it, style, material and all.  Plus it came from someone who is extremely important to me.  (Thanks Janelle :-)

Now I have had the opportunity to 'pay it forward!!'  The Springer's were in the process of moving and having a baby and choosing law school all within weeks of each other.  So I had the fortune and ability to make one for them.

 What a joy!!  I had so much fun sewing that I just couldn't put it down and every time I picked it up, it was all I could do to stop and take care of my family.  But I did manage to balance things.  Anyway, Congratulations my dear friends!!  I had a ton of fun making such a beautiful item and I hope it works for what you need.

You probably didn't need so many views, but I wanted you to be able and see the pattern work in the dress.
  Soooooo much fun!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Joy amid Adversity

So many things to say, but where to start.  I have been sick for the past three days.....The last two days I haven't been able to much more than get up off of the couch.

I missed  posting for Shorty's seventh birthday.  Can't believe my little ones are getting so old.

Two days ago, we took our oldest one to Medford to receive his endowment.  Can't believe my oldest one is old enough to do that!  We only have about six weeks before he leaves for Brazil.

 Though I struggled to stay awake and participate on Wednesday, and slept through yesterday, today I have enough energy to think and ponder, but not enough to get up off of the couch to do much.

I watched General Young Women's meeting this morning.  I love watching that meeting because it reminds me that I am a daughter of God, that He loves me, is watching over me and has planned for my success.  He knows my heartaches, sorrows, and struggles.  He is there.  He will listen.  He will help and guide, lead and love.  It reminds me on such a basic level all of those things that we long to know and feel, but hear so rarely.  As President Uchtdorf spoke, I felt my sick soul fill with light.  I was strengthened to continue through my personal adversities and to help others with theirs as we move onto our own 'happily ever afters.'  (To watch this video, click this link: , click the bottom button on the right once, click on the picture of President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  It takes about 20 minutes.)

I called one of my counselors yesterday because her father had a stroke.  I just wanted to see how she was doing and if she needed anything.  "What I need," she basically said, "is to bring you dinner.  There isn't much I can do for my dad right now.  But if can bring you dinner and see that my efforts are helping someone, somewhere, it would be very therapeutic for me."

Isn't she soooo right?!  I learned a long time ago that an aching heart can be filled when we serve others.  What a beautiful blessing.  What a paradox.  To heal, serve.  Interesting.  True.  In the bleakness of our sorrow, if we will reach in and give out, our aching heart is filled with love and compassion.

OK--enough deep thought for now.  Back to the couch!