Sunday, December 2, 2012

A night at the Symphony

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A friend in our ward plays in our community's symphony and was able to give us complimentary tickets to her performance.  We attended Friday evening.  It was amazing!!  We are not a large community and I did not expect the performance to be anything spectacular.  But the musicianship was SUPERB!!!  They played several selections from Handel's Messiah, a few from the Nutcracker, and then had a 15 minute Christmas sing along.  It was so much fun!

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I particularly enjoyed the brass section.  As a former trumpet player and musician, the brass has a special place in my heart.  I was unprepared for the waves of emotion that I felt during the performance, not so much due to the music, but because I really miss playing.  Band was a HUGE part of my life for about eight years, concert band, jazz band, pep-band, marching band.  As we left the performance, I figured out that I probably spent about three to four hours a day playing my trumpet in one form or another for the last five years of that time period.  I cried because I loved to play.  I love the camaraderie of the orchestra and the fun interactions we had during the rehearsals, hours and hours and hours of rehearsal.

As a mother, I do not have time for hours and hours of rehearsal, even for a small season.  But I can appreciate the work and musical abilities of those who do and can.  Thanks for the beautiful music.  I hope I can attend the Symphony more often!!  You were incredible!

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