Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hey! That's my spot!

Do your children have 'spots' at your house?

Let me explain.  The other day as I was busy typing up our Christmas letter on the computer, my children were sporadically placed throughout the family room, reading books, watching TV, working on their computer (big kids are home), or whatever.  Someone got up to do something, a younger brother jumped into his place and began reading his book.  The person who got up, returned to the room and immediately complained. 

"Mom, would you tell [insert sibling here] to get out of my spot?!  I left for [whatever, usually justified by the words 'doing what you told me to'].  And while I was gone, [said sibling] took my spot."

To which the sibling who theived the seat replies, "Well, I am only sitting here because [insert a different sibling's name here] is sitting in my spot!"

I tell the first complaining sibling to find another seat and just deal with it.  A completely different sibling leaves the room.  Complaining sibling steals the seat of the leaving sibling.  When she returns, the above conversation happens again.

As we are discussing the merits of the arguments, the baby comes in and begins pushing Smiley out of his chair and says, "Hey! That's mine spot!!"

Seriously?  To which I say, "Get the baby another chair.  Everyone else, practice your negotiation and conversational skills and work for your place.  I have to get back to this letter."  And I did.

Does this happen at your house or only mine?

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  1. Our house too, but ours is the coveted green plate!!!


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