Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I got a new phone....which has a camera!!!  (And internet!!!)  So I can post photos!  These aren't anything special.  I was just messing around with it, but check it out!

And they loaded incredibly fast!!  Technology is so cool!  And yes, the entire family room is messed up because the ping pong table is still in the family room.  The missionaries are jealous (I mean my missionaries, the ones who live here when they are home).  I haven't decided if I LOVE that our house is flexible and changes for us to enjoy it and have fun or if I HATE it because it can't really stay 'clean' if the furniture is always is disarray.  But whatever!  It is what it is and my children love that we move stuff out of the way and rearrange things to play ping pong, build forts, put up a tent, watch a movie, have a picnic dinner on the floor....the house is in a constant state of flux (not with walls and flooring like in the house I grew up in) but with furniture, so we can play.

Anyway, have a great day!

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