Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kids N Puppies, Puppies N Kids!!

Almost two weeks ago, we went to the beach with our friends and their dog and puppies!!  There were six puppies and seven kids, three adults at the beginning, two at the end.  It was such a fun day!!  It was a big day for Shorty.  He doesn't like dogs and is usually very afraid of them.  BUT.....he actually picked up a puppy a couple of times and became very comfortable, even holding one in the car on the drive home.

Our friends have moved away!!  We will and do miss them dearly but we know they will bring sunshine wherever they go!!  We love you Friends!!  Thanks for the GREAT day!


  1. You know the children begged and begged and begged some more.....I even started asking, just a little. But Dad held his ground. Way to go Dad!! Plus, Dusty and Linz needed on the drive to Utah. You should ask her about it!

  2. That is supposed to say, 'Dusty and Linz needed one on the drive to Utah....'


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