Friday, July 16, 2010


Don't you just feel like this some times?  Here Shorty and Smiley are waiting for Spanky's and Scuff's party guests to arrive......

They are taking SOOOOO long!

Sometimes I feel like this when I am waiting for an answer from the Lord, or when I am expecting a life change, any minute, or waiting for a new baby to arrive, even just growing up.  Some things just take time and we have to wait for the process to unfold.

Here are Scuff and Spanky sporting some of their the hips Spanky....really?

Spanky has been waiting for that magical number.....18.  He was waiting to finish high school.  Now he is just waiting until he leaves for college....right around the corner.

Scuff has been waiting for a different magical number.....16.  Congratulations guys!

I'm sure the time will fly and pretty soon, the two in the first picture will be the ones posing like the second picture.  In the mean time, I get to watch the process.  No waiting here.  Just trying to enjoy the scenery before it all passes me by.......  Then I'll get to watch the grand kids.....

I Can't WAIT!!

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