Thursday, January 12, 2012


OK, Maybe it is just because I am the mother of so many boys...........

I LOVED this video:
The first things I read when I get my General Conference Issue of the Ensign are the talks from the Priesthood session.  It is because I want to know what the prophets want my young men to know and do.  It gives me focus for the next six months as to what to help my youth work on.

I have this sign hanging in our family room:
When there is too much complaining about what we are asking, I remind them who they are and what is expected of them.  I remind them that I am not asking that of them, the Lord is.  I remind them that they made promises before they came to earth about the things they would do while they are here.  And I remind them that others are counting on them.........their future children and grandchildren, their future spouse, those they will teach the gospel to while they are serving their missions.............and then I ask them what they are going to say to those people if they choose not to do what they have promised.  I love my boys!!!  And I LOVE being their mother.

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  1. Carin you are always so wise, I think you came that way. I love you Hugs


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