Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gratitude Post

Last night our community hosted our annual Thanksgiving Sing.  It is where all of the churches in the area get together and each congregation's choir sings one number.

I always enjoy going, not for the music, but because I like people.  I enjoy watching them interact, seeing that most of their church choirs in talent resemble most Latter-Day Saint congregation choirs, and hearing the lyrics of the music they have chosen.  What music would you chose to present to others of different faiths in your community?  Would you chose something with a common and shared doctrine?  Something to represent the season?  Or something that expressed a unique doctrine?  Loud?  Soft?  Active? Soothing?

Some of their choirs have only three people, some have 30.  Some use instruments.  A few choirs even had choreography.  Of the performers last night, one choir stands out to me.  Their music was beautiful and their lyrics simple.

Here are the lyrics:
     I'm so grateful.
     I'm so grateful.
     I'm so grateful.
     I'm so grateful.
     I'm so grateful.
     Gratitude in front of me.
     Gratitude behind me.
     Gratitude to the left of me.
     Gratitude to the right of me.
     Gratitude above me.
     Gratitude below me.
     Gratitude within me.
     Gratitude all around me.
     I'm so grateful.
     I'm so grateful.

FOR FIVE MINUTES!!!  I heard their song one time.  I woke up singing their song.  It has been in my head my conscious efforts to replace it!!  The genius behind their lyrics is that I cannot forget them, and you know what?
Straight out of the Camera (sootc)
was the sunrise this morning.  Now we have spectacular sunsets, but sunrises???  Not usually.  On my way out to snap the photo, I almost stepped on this:!  But I didn't!!  One more thing on my gratitude list!!

Today I signed the boys up for community basketball.  I thought I had missed the deadline and they would be placed on a waiting list.  I didn't!  DING!  Gratitude!

Earlier this month, Elle suggested THIS!!!  I wonder if I can get my list done before Thursday.  Montesserrat @ Chocolate on my Cranium has been focusing on gratitude for an entire year.  She has some GREAT ideas!

Watch for tomorrow....I think I might post 5 Things Friday---Gratitude Edition with photos!!  Should be interesting!

One minute AFTER I pushed the post button, the baby shut off the power strip for the computer.......DING!  Gratitude.

While Speedy was babysitting the baby, he opened the front door and escaped before Speedy noticed.  A nice elderly neighbor knew a 16 month old shouldn't be out front by himself.  She kept him busy until Speedy noticed and went to get him.......DING!  Gratitude!  (very, very much gratitude.....we live on a busy intersection.  I guess we will have to start chaining the doors.)

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  1. I LOVE the Thanksgiving sing! I've tried to get something like that started in the Nashville area, but there are SO many churches it would probably just explode ;)
    We have found that our Missionary choir has been an excellent way to share our love of the Savior with others.


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