Friday, May 22, 2015

Family First Friday #18--family photo shoot

We had most of the kids home this year between May 2nd - May 7th, only a five day window.  We had a friend who does photography as a hobby come and take photos of us at the beach.  It was a super windy day and the sun came out just as we got there.  He took a ton of photos!!  The colors are great!  The wind, not so much.  We are going to have to do it one more time. 

Some of the individuals are really good and we will use some of those, but none of the family ones will work.  I thought you'd like to see them anyway.  So here are some of the funnier ones.

So you can see, we're going to need to take some different ones :-)  Besides, Slim wasn't there.  We will try again in July when they are back for Richard's wedding!!

I will update some of the individual photos if we find some that we like :-)

Have a great weekend!

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