Monday, August 16, 2010

New Music

Well friends,
I have been feeling in a total jazz mood lately!  You may not know it but that is a huge part of me.  I played the trumpet in high school and a little bit of college--marching band, symphonic band, pep band and of course--JAZZ band!  Anyway, Sport introduced me to Michael Buble and I am hooked!  So this first song on the play list is absolutely incredible!!  The best trumpet song ever!!  Listen closely to the trumpets and the brass particularly the high notes and the syncopation (close to my heart because I played first chair).  Our rehearsals were during zero period and when I struggled in the morning to reach the high notes, my director made me stand on a chair so I could reach them.  I did!  Anyway, fun memories and still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the music!


  1. you go girl!!! i can just see you dancin, cleanin' and cookin' to the beat!!!! ...maybe that's what we need in this apartment!!!

  2. I love Micael Buble. Bishop Edmonds introduced me to him. Funny.


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