Friday, December 18, 2015

A few things we have been doing....

I have a snowman fence decoration that I love and realize is about 20 years old!!  It hasn't been up the last few years because one of the hinges broke and I had them in the attic where brown stuff dripped all over my white snowmen!  I was not amused!  So they have been waiting in the attic.  This year I decided that I wanted them down and I wanted them up and I wanted them fixed!  So Sport and I went to Michaels and the hardware store and got the things we needed to fix them up.  Here is Sport painting them:

We let Spike paint his own stuff, so he didn't try to help us out too much.  Here is a photo of his art work, now adorning the refrigerator.
And while I let Speedy have my phone for a stake dance, lots of my seminary students got together for a selfie on my phone and then they made it the lock screen photo:
Super cute!!  Aren't they awesome?
Here are a few of my favorite Christmas decorations:

I love Christmas!!

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