Thursday, September 27, 2012

Marriage Conference

So, here is what we are doing in our ward to help support and strengthen the family:  A Marriage Conference!  We are hosting three classes: Finances, Communication, and Intimacy (30 minutes each), followed by a nice dinner.  The entire conference will last three hours.  Child-care is provided (we asked the Young Adult ward to cover that for us).  We were considering also having a dance, but we felt the time away from the family may be too much, especially for the little ones to be in child-care for that long.  Dinner is also provided in the nursery.

Above is the invitation I created.  I took out the details but you get the idea.  I cannot wait to see how it all turns out!  I will be teaching the communications class.  Our stake patriarch is teaching the finances class.  He is an accountant.  And our Bishop is handling the intimacy class.  Hopefully this will strengthen all of our families (at least the ones who attend, right?).

We have billed it as an adult conference because we have many singles and we want them to come and to participate.  Wish us luck!!  I personally cannot wait!

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