Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Little People Language

Do your little people have their own language for certain things?  Mine does.  Spike, Spike cannot say everyone's names so he has made up names for the ones he cannot say.  He calls Slim, Lee.  Spanky is Nice.  Scuff is D.  Sport is Buddy.  He can say Speedy's and Sun's names.  Shorty is Guys.  And for a while, Smilely was Bobo, but now he can say his name too.

The funnier things he has names for:

Outside or Backyardigans:  "RRRRRRah RRRRRRah" (rolling your R's)
and his latest:
Run to the Monkeys, 
means, I have to go to the bathroom (because we have a monkey shower curtain in his bathroom).

Oh the things little people come up with!

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